Math scavenger hunt

Often, they would have the right answer, but it was written in a different way from the answer card. We recommend asking that each student choose a minimum of 5 of their hunt items and provide the following: Post your own ideas for hands-on math activities in our Comments section.

Video Players are given tasks that they have to complete that require filming rather than just having photos taken. Taking It to the Next Math scavenger hunt Your scavenger hunt can end once the students have completed their lists, or you can expand the exercise by asking the students to explain how the math concepts were illustrated in their finds, either in a written report or an oral presentation to the class, ala show-and-tell.

Students will love this hands-on investigation of metric measurement. Use Teaching's School Finder to locate schools online and in your area.

If necessary, the hunt can be preceded by a class discussion of the terms, or the students can look up any terms that may be unfamiliar to them.

Solving Equations Scavenger Hunt

Copy specific pages to use as an assessment. Math Scavenger Hunt March 7, Math may seem like an abstract concept to some students, but it actually exists all around us in the physical world. Location Next, pick a location.

This may be obvious based on the theme e. What practical concerns are addressed in this design? When possible, make the item search useable in later lessons. I present the scavenger hunt to the students by showing the list I have made and then allowing them to make their own twists. If you are going to use pictures of famous mathematicians, have them download a picture.

At this time, students are also given a star. How would you go about making these decisions? Discuss whether these approaches make sense or whether using different units would be better. As an added incentive for completing their scavenger hunt, kids can win little prizes such as a pencil, ruler or other small treat.

Most students at this age will have access to a phone or some other type of digital camera to record their finds. Though each pair started with a different letter, I could still check their answers. If the web resources are comprehensive, I use two or more questions per link.

What would your plan look like? Make a list of questions and items that you want them to find on their number hunt. You can also award extra points for students who are able to devise word problems that reflect one or more of the objects in their lists.

The elementary school list: Suppose there were no units for measuring length. What practical concerns are addressed in this design? Just type your hunt and the URL links will become active links on which students can click to go directly to the web resource.

Their questions were more specific, and almost every student completed the assigned activity during the minute class period. So, I decided to save our unit on systems of equations until later in the school year. Have each student answer the questions below.

Printable, downloadable support materials are provided for each. If the web resources are comprehensive, I use two or more questions per link.Title - Star Wars Internet Scavenger Hunt By - Laura Helfrich Primary Subject - Computers / Internet Secondary Subjects - Grade Level - Use the Scavenger.

Literal Equations Scavenger Hunt I was browsing through all of the pictures I took over my first year of teaching, and I realized that I had never posted about the scavenger hunt I did with my Algebra 1. A Math Scavenger Hunt! Summertime is a great time for Scavenger Hunts.

You can have your kids show you the items or for more fun, give them a smart phone or. This free two-page Non-Fiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt asks students to locate and explain several text-features.

Phonics Scavenger Hunt!

By doing so, students will gain a better understanding of how to read all parts of a non-fiction book, and they will understand the how and the why of the structure of non-fiction texts.

Here’s a super fun addition to a Family Math Night event: A scavenger hunt! As participants enter the room they are handed one of two “game boards” the K-2 version or the version. We absolutely love this outdoor scavenger hunt free printable! Not only does it encourage all kinds of sensory discoveries, but it also provides room for children to sketch their findings!Follow our Outdoor Play and Learning Pinterest board!

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Math scavenger hunt
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