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Platonic idealism consists of the philosophical, social and educational ideas of the Greek philosopher Plato.

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Essay on platonic love are many dream-worlds, but none is so rightly and reasonably and pleasantly arranged as that one. Clifford Collins calls their love a life-force relationship, a principle that is not conditioned by anything but itself. Ever since that time, people run around saying they are looking for their other half because they are really trying to recover their primal nature.

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The central idea of idealist philosophy is character development. He believed that man inherited the sin of Adam and was between the World of God and the World of Man. Many a time in after years my dream-sweetheart threw off golden sayings which crumbled to ashes under my pencil when I was setting them down in my note-book after breakfast.

Plato is a little too logical and too fond of stating plain facts in plain words to suit the Miss Hominys who would put the legs of every pianoforte in petticoats, and if the Platonic woman were to prove as outspoken as her inventor, the conference would, we fear, come abruptly to an end.

They both believe that they have their being in the other, as Christians, Jews, and Moslems believe that they have their being in God. Yet Socrates made no move, and Alcibiades began to pursue Socrates "as if I were the lover and he my young prey!

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She was a type. I understand that the senses are easily muddled, but I also acknowledge that it is equally easy for one to lose themselves in a web of confused thoughts, and for the mind to spend an eternity running circles around itself until it shatters into a thousand pieces under the pressure of trying to comprehend infinity.

Authors and works cited in the Symposium[ edit ]. It was not the affection of brother and sister—it was closer than that, more clinging, more endearing, more reverent; and it was not the love of sweethearts, for there was no fire in it.

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The noble lover directs his affection towards young men, establishing lifelong relationships, productive of the benefits described by Phaedrus. He started toward the door to call advisers; then he and the family and the lights began to grow dim, and in a few moments the place was pitch dark; but straightway there came a flood of moonlight and a gust of cold wind, and I found myself crossing a frozen lake, and my arms were empty.

The abandoned church at Gimmerton is decaying; the minister stops visiting Wuthering Heights because of Hindley's degeneracy. After all superficial contrasts have been exhausted, she may still claim the patronage of the philosopher of Academe. A Platonic woman as well-informed as her husband would deprive him of this daily source of domestic enjoyment; his lecture would be reduced to discussion, and to discussion in which he might be defeated.

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Platonic Love In the Symposium, which is normally dated at the beginning of the middle period, Plato introduces his theory of love. First thing to note is that in Plato’s theory, love.

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The word love leaves the matter ambiguous as to whether we are discussing love in the normal, human, sense of the word, or if we are discussing desire in a much broader sense, but in this discussion we are only considering only love of type eros, love as a kind of desire that exists between two human beings.

Also Relevant on Platonic Love: Phaedrus, especially Socrates' second speech, eb Love is the "divine madness" Recommended Readings on Gender Issues in Plato and the Ancient Greeks. Term paper resourcing video examples of problem solution essay list travel and adventure essay log (famous sportsman essay dancer) write philosophy essay platonic love essay about clients love story tagalog myself qualities essay essay topics natural disasters their causes love my car essay.

The Nature Of Platonic Love English Literature Essay. The world seems to have reached a consensus that love is a fickle and iridescent concept, subjective to one’s interpretation rather than faithful to a single, unaffected definition.

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