Beef jerky

Minimal seasoning A simple marinade of salt, pepper, water and vinegar can be used to bring out the flavor of the original cut of meat. In Ethiopiajerky is called qwant'a.

How to Make Beef Jerky with a Dehydrator

Reply Clayton - June 17, Your recipe sounds great I might have to try it. A rich, salty, high protein snack that tastes delicious, far better than most all we purchased. Try using store bought cajun spice. Because of the necessary low fat and moisture content, jerky is high in protein.

Many think the oven version tastes best. In China, in addition to the more traditional forms of jerky, there is also a similar product which is usually made from pork called pork chip. Here are the recipes we came up with: The meat must be dried quickly, to limit bacterial growth during the critical period where the meat is not yet dry.

I buy 2 roasts that start out as 2. When you purchase store-bought jerky-style beef products, they are often two months old or more. If you worry about MSG and sodium, plenty of natural and low-sodium jerkies are available. You might have to get crushed red pepper and grind it up.

Why Use a Dehydrator? This is the bottom round. Such a great post and I love beef jerky!

Doc's Best Beef Jerky

In addition to being common in the United States and Canada, jerky is also gaining popularity in supermarkets, convenience stores and online retailers in AustraliaNew Zealandthe United Kingdom and Germany.

It is usually of similar weight [1. We love being able to flavor our jerky any way we choose, the combinations of flavors you have available are as limitless as your imagination.

Strip steak, flank Beef jerky and skirt steak will also work well. I am intrigued by the pineapple juice, but I am concerned that it will give the jerky a sweet taste??

While the correct spelling is j-e-r-k-y, many of our customers spell the term "beef jerkey. Also popular is shredded dry jerky meat floss sold in containers resembling snuff or dip. This is a snack that packs well, travels well, and can be kept for at least a year if properly stored.

I will show you pictures of the finished jerky below, using these sizes of strips, so you can better understand exactly what you will get.

In Tamil Nadu, India the dish is known as uppu kandam which forms part of authentic non vegetarian cuisine. Packaging[ edit ] Raw meat before dehydration into jerky After the jerky is dried to the proper moisture content to prevent spoilage, it is cooled, then packaged in often resealable plastic bags, either nitrogen gas flushed or vacuumed packed.

This will makes the meat easier to slice. Of course there is the old fashion way of drying out your meat which is to use your oven. Worcestershire is always a good choice for jerky meat.

Beef jerky

You may want to add some additional salt depending on your tastes. It tastes like real meat! They are carried by some major supermarkets, and now also smaller stores. Source Beef Jerky Recipe using a Dehydrator One of our favorite snack to take on hikes or camping is usually granola bars or beef jerky.

Just meat, marinade, a sharp knife and a way to cook and dry your jerky. We used top eye of round, which our butcher kindly trimmed for us when we purchased, venison backstrap and bottom round.

Regulation[ edit ] Most nations have regulations pertaining to the production of dried meat products. All of our jerky products are sliced from quality cuts of lean beef steak. We were surprised and excited to learn that jerky could be made simply at home, and that no expensive tools, ingredients or equipment was required.Welcome To Pemmican!


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FOOD. Pemmican Beef Jerky is more than just a high-protein, low-fat snacking option.

Why choose fresh beef jerky?

The entire Pemmican organization is dedicated to the more basic traditions of life – good food, honest hard work and great times with friends and family. How to Make Beef Jerky at Home—The Easy Way.

You have this beef jerky problem, right? You love the stuff, but you do not love the fake chemical flavorings and heavy sodium dose of. Beef Jerky is what we specialize in, but our service is what keeps us in business. has the widest selection of USA made jerky and jerky gift baskets for every budget and every taste preference.

Looking for a unique flavor? We have you covered.

Smoked Beef Jerky

Looking for a specific texture like an old fashioned style hard to chew jerky?Yeah we have that, too. Beef Jerkey or Beef Jerky? There is often confusion over the spelling of or products - is it beef jerkey or jerky?

While the correct spelling is j-e-r-k-y, many of our customers spell the term "beef jerkey.". Jerky (or products closely related to it) is commonly included in military field is particularly attractive to militaries because of its light weight, high level of nutrition, long shelf life and edibility without further preparation.

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Beef jerky
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